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What is phimosis?

Difficulty in retracting the foreskin owing to adhesions between the glans penis and foreskin is known as phimosis. It may result in pain, paraphimosisor frenulum tear at the time of intercourse and also exposes the person to the threat of infections. It can be prevented by following good hygiene and getting circumcised.

Is it true that first intercourse causes bleeding in women?

No, it’s not! This bleeding mainly occurs in virgins when the hymen is ruptured. In some cases, this hymen may be absent right from birth or might get ruptured while doing exercises, playing games or using tampons. Thus, it is not necessary for a womanto bleed during hervery first sexual intercourse even if she is a virgin. This misconception often leads to troubles in marriages.It is funny how a small tissue gives rise to big issues!

Which is the best contraceptive?

Condom is the Best contraceptive, easy to use, economical, and safe and also protects from STD's.

What is Dhat Syndrome?

While exerting pressure during defecation, a man may experience a few drops of urethral liquid trickling down. It is known asDhat. It is NOT semen, and hence there is no need to seek medical help.

What is Night Fall (Nocturnal Emission)?

Night Fall is when the penis discharges semen while a person is asleep. Semen is created continuously and cannot be contained indefinitely. If a man does not indulge in coitus or masturbation then semen will be expelled as sleep emissions. You are not required toseek medical help for this!

What is meant by Loss of Libido? How is it treated?

Loss of libido is when a person is capable of engaging in sex but doesn’t feel the urge at all. This can affect both men and women. However, the good thing is that it can be treated effectively to continue a normal sex life.

Is Male Infertility treatable condition?

Yes! Most of the male infertility conditions are curable and it is even possible for a man to become a father after undergoing treatment.

Is Female Sexual Disorder (FSD) treatable?

Yes! FSD can be treated successfully. Any woman suffering from this condition should discuss the problem with a specialized doctor and after undergoing treatment, onemay expect a fulfilling sex life.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is when a man ejaculates at the early stages of sexual stimulation or immediately after penetration occurs.

Is Premature Ejaculation treatable condition?

Yes! Premature Ejaculation is a treatable condition and the man who is suffering with this can enjoy a good Sex Life after the treatment.

Is masturbation bad?

If it is done to satisfy one’s sexual urge, then there is nothing wrong with it. However, if one engages in it simply to satisfy the urge of masturbation, then it could lead to an addiction which is harmful.

Is there an ideal penis size?

The vagina's length is around 6". The outer 2" is known to be the most sensitive, while the inner 4" is insensitive. In order toexcite a woman, one only needs to stimulate the external lips and the external 2" of the vagina. Thus, in order to ensure sexual satisfaction of a woman, the size of an erect penis should be greater thanat least 2".

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

It is a very common sexual disorder occurring in men. This condition oftenhampers a man's ego and ruins otherwise happy relationships. A man suffering from this condition faces difficulty in either getting or keeping an erection. It is known to affect nearly50% of the male population falling within the age range of 40-70 years.

Why should erectile dysfunction be treated?

Erectile dysfunction is known to have a major impact on a male's life as it affects his self-esteem&confidence. If left untreated for long, this condition may ruin one’s personal, social and professional life. Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is a curable condition.

Who is likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Chances of developing this condition increases with age. According to researches, almost 50% of the male population above 40 years of age has been found to experience some form of erection problem. Apart from increasing age, a few lifestyle factorssuch as smoking, excessive stress, extreme alcohol consumption, drug addiction, etc.are known to increase the possibilities of erectile dysfunction. Apart from above mentioned lifestyle factors certain medical diseases can also lead to difficulty with erection. The medical conditions which can lead to this problem are: Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Mental Disorders e.g. Depression, Injury to spine, Kidney diseases, Hypertension In addition, certain medication & surgery of prostate can also lead to difficulty with erection. Medications causing erectile dysfunction. A number of common medications are also often responsible for causingerectile dysfunction as side effects. A few such drugs are high blood pressure medications, anti-depressants, diuretics, certain cancer drugs, etc. If you suspect that your erection problem is a result of a medication you have been prescribed, DO NOT STOP TAKING THE MEDICATION WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR. Your doctor may prescribe an alternative medication which may be less likely to interfere with erection.

Is erectile dysfunction treatable?

If you think you have any difficulty with your sex life talk to a qualified DOCTOR. Remember there is nothing to be embarrassed about. At present, a number of options are accessible for curing erectile dysfunction. Certain medicines, surgeries vacuum pumps etc. can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Consult DOCTOR to know more about these options.