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Dr. Shamik Das

Dr. Shamik Das

Sexually Transmitted Infection Specialist

Dr. Shamik Das says "My respected teachers and friends have helped me to be empathic to the troubles of the ailing. From them I have learned to take textbook and clinical teaching to the next level, by learning from each and every patient every day. I am grateful to them . From my parents , I have learnt the art of being courteous and patient. My brother has taught me the art of lateral thinking . My dear daughter has taught me the simple joys of life. When I interact with anyone , I try to keep it in mind what or how I wish to be treated when I'm in the other`s shoes. Last but not the least , my wife , has been a great source of inspiration to take the leap of faith, in spite of slowly dedicating herself to the cause of family. My help who takes me to places on time has a dedication & devotion to work very rare in today`s world . This is what I see in reflection. All of them make me what I am & will be".