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Sexually Transmitted Disease

STDs are particular infections passed from one person to another when these two people were enjoying sex. Such infections may happen during vaginal, anal and oral sex. The infections are putative for becoming dangerous as the carrier do not carry any symptom. Reputed Sexually Transmitted Diseases Doctors in Kolkata handles such cases.

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STDs are basically infections that pass from one person to another and it is transmitted through sexual contact. Such infections are caused by bacteria, parasites, yeast and viruses. Chiamydia, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, HPV, AIDS and HIV, Trichomoniasis are example of these diseases. These diseases, though are equally susceptible for both men and women, but weaker gender is seen to suffer more. These diseases pass through generation. Antibiotics are used for treating STDs caused by bacteria, yeast or parasite. But virus-caused STDs have no such remedial. Only controlled use of medication and strict maintenance can put it under control. This type of diseases may also require sexual transmission. Therefore, our management team has also decided to engage doctors specialist in Sex change operation in Kolkata.

People are advised to use Latex condom before going into sexual activities. It helps in controlling such diseases to a great extent

Sexually Transmitted Disesase