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Sexual Problems in Female

Women face different problems in enjoying sex properly. It may be –

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Inability to become aroused
  • Lack of orgasm
  • Scared to sexual climax
  • Painful intercourse

All of these are either physical or psychological hues and certainly curable through proper medical treatment. Qualified Female Sexual Problem Specialist Doctors are available to attend these types of ailments.

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Women are seriously prone to various infertile sexual problems which can make their life a misery. Four types of such issues are seen to arise in females. Best Female Sexual Problem Specialist Doctors are appointed for making instant and effective treatment.

Lack of sexual desire: This is most common and dominant issue. Researches show that almost 10 percent of women suffer from such symptoms, though more prominence is found in females between women aged 20-24. The desire is seen to grow up at ages between 25-45 and then it is again comes diminishing

Lubrication: This is most common issue and affects women aged between 16 and 49. Women get menopauses and hormonal changes more frequently and this thing is seen to happen just after those cases. Symptom of this issue is vaginal dryness which may most evidently caused by dehydration, medications with side effects and change of hormone level during menopause. Prevention can be done by using personal lubricant.

Orgasm: Issue with orgasm sensation is more likely to affect women of at their lower ages. Persons at this stage are found to have sex experiences with casual partners. With growth of ages, they are more akin to find and make sexual communications with a permanent partner and thus orgasm difficulties are seen to reduce. However, females above the middle ages are seen to suffer profoundly with this issue.

Painful Sex: Painful sex or Dyspareunia is pain the vagina, clitoris or labia during intercourse. Experts’ opinion suggests that it could be caused by anything from vaginal dryness to previous psychological trauma. The reason is diagnosed by the consulting physician through consultation or based on symptoms. Treatment is also suggested keeping this in view.

Sexual Problems in Female

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Sexual Problems in Female


Treatment of ‘Sexual Problems in Women’ deals more about consultation rather than medication, though mild medication is suggested to give mental satisfaction to patients. The course takes form like:

Education: A proper education about human anatomy, sexual function, normal changes associated with aging and patterns of sexual behaviours and responses are there. Such education helps in eradicating fears and anxieties about sexual function and performance.

Distraction techniques: Using fantasies, videos on intercourses, music etc is highly helpful in eliminating anxieties and eluding relaxation in the minds of females.

Use of massage: Non-coital behaves like sensual massages are highly applicable in promoting comfort and increasing communication between partners.

Minimizing pain: Sexual positions may be fixed by the consulting physician so that depth of penetration can be controlled and pains on vaginal positions are minimized. Lubricants are also used in reducing pain caused by penetration. Warm bath before intercourse of after as seems fit is also helpful in getting more relaxation.